Cemex Cement Works

A Meal Silo MCC controlling elevators, conveyors, compressors and valves Рone of 9 Motor Control Centres built for Cemex Cement Works at South Ferriby for their Flood Restoration Project following the storms combined with a tidal surge which occurred on 6th December 2013.

Local wind speeds reached 72 mph (142 mph in the Scottish Highlands) contributing to the worst flooding for 60 years. Drowned livestock was being discovered in hidden areas of the works for weeks after the flood.

Working closely with the client’s Engineering Team our scope involved the replacement of a number of MCCs complete with ABB and Allan Bradley VSDs, DOL starters, busbar bridges and the fitting of PLC equipment from AB and Modicon in addition to Panel Installation and the inspection, refurbishment and testing of water damaged equipment.

The new Panels have in many cases been installed in elevated switchrooms as a precaution against future weather and tidal conditions.

Total contract value £850,000
Client: Cemex
Principal Contractor: Jacobs

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